The Importance of Continued Learning

We have always been taught that education is key. I couldn’t agree more.  My mother who graduated from Amarillo College in the 90’s has decided that she wants to keep learning.  So, each semester we enroll in a class and cover the content together.  She has been selling AVON for over 20 years with the new millennials she needed a way to reach new clientele.  The adventure we have in these classes are priceless and the memories we are creating will last a lifetime.  Learning never stops and when you can learn with someone you love it makes it even more beneficial.

As poverty increases in our society, we must show more kids the importance of education.  Education and determination drastically change any situation.  Because a mind is a truly terrible thing to waste.


Shop Til You Drop

Did you know Black Friday is right around the corner?  Have you ever wondered how it started?  Well, let me tell you.  I know you have heard of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade The parade started in 1924.  Holiday shopping started the Friday after Thanksgiving.  They say holiday I say Christmas shopping how about you?   Police in the 60’s started calling it “Black Friday because of the congestion and hassles.  Stores open before the sun comes up, people take off from work, people become beast it’s like a war zone, profits go up.  Thank God for Minor Emergency. You can avoid the hassle, congestion and Minor Emergency.  How?  My online store.

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