I am Bonnie Graves, an Amarillo native, and I am an Independent Avon Representative. Avon presents an excellent approach to fundraising.  As schools, churches and other organizations usually have fundraisers throughout the year, I would like to provide some information regarding an Avon Fundraiser.


  • Provide materials for the fundraiser
  • Receive commission and products in as little as two weeks
  • Provide gifts if requested by the organization
  • 40% commission
  • 24/7assistance from me as your specialist

Consider AVON for your fundraising project!  Avon is a member of the Association of Fund-Raising Distributors and Suppliers, and their products are 100% guaranteed.

We offer a line of products that cannot be matched in quality, variety, and affordable pricing. If you agree to partner with Avon in a fundraising venture, your school, organization or church will be selling a well-known product from a well -known company backed by Avon’s 100% satisfaction guarantee.  No need for door-to-door sales, instead participants can sell to their family, friends, and neighbors in person or online.  The price paid for the items are not inflated, rather the price includes the retail amount of the product plus a minimal customer fee.

Most importantly is the opportunity to call on the personal experience of an Avon Fundraising Specialist to answer product questions, provide selling tips and handle any delivery or payment inquiries. With all of these advantages, Avon indeed is a beautiful approach to fundraising.

Contact me, and we can work together to develop the fundraiser that is right for your organization. Check out my e-store at or send me an e-mail to  #fundraising, #help, #charity

Author: Bonnie's Avon

Retired after 47 years from AIG, Grandmother and selling Avon full time. I enoy selling Avon because I am on own Boss and set my own schedule and basically my own income. As an Independent Avon Representative thee are other benefits to enjoy.

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