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Does your little one hate taking baths? Is brushing time a chore? We’ve got a solution to make bath time and brushing time more fun. Perioe Kids and Babience Kids are quality bath and body formulas that mom will feel good about, with cute characters kids will love! Discover all of our kid-friendly formulas.

Elevate your little one’s bath time with Babience Kids Hair & Body Wash, a creamy 2-in-1 foam wash that cleanses while it conditions. Formulated with shea butter and olive oil, it will leave your kid’shair feeling soft and smooth. Plus, your little one will enjoy the cute, colorful baby shark packaging.

Give your little one something to smile about with dental care complete with colorful fox characters. Perioe Kids Pinkfong Pumping Toothpaste features a strawberry flavor and a pump that makes brushing a breeze. Kids will love brushing up with the matching Perioe Kids Pinkfong Toothbrush, featuring cushioned rounded bristles and a small comfort-grip handle topped with a cute pink fox. Who says brushing time can’t be a fun time? 

Your little one deserves a little pampering. Babience Kids Body Lotion features an adorable shark on the packaging and a gentle hydrating formula inside. Formulated with moisturizing shea butter and olive oil, this body lotion will leave your little one’s skin feeling nourished and soft to the touch.

Care for your little one’s skin with Babience Baby Wipes. Made of 98% pure water, these delicate wipes are pH-balanced to match your baby’s skin for clean comfort. Free of alcohol, parabens and perfume, these wipes are a gentle and safe way to clean the day away.


SPF will become your kids’ new BFF with Babience Kids Sunscreen Cream. Formulated with glycerin and panthenol and SPF 50, it will help protect your little ones from the sun’s harmful rays while soothing and moisturizing. Not waterproof.

Look and see I think you will love these items

Babience Kids Body Lotion - 2
Babience Kids Body Lotion - 1

Babience Kids Body Lotion

Babience Kids Hair & Body Wash - 2
Babience Kids Hair & Body Wash - 1


Babience Kids Hair & Body Wash

Babience Kids Sunscreen Cream - 1


Babience Kids Sunscreen Cream

Babience Baby Wipes - 2
Babience Baby Wipes - 1

Babience Baby Wipes

Perioe Kids Pinkfong Pumping Toothpaste - 2
Perioe Kids Pinkfong Pumping Toothpaste - 1


Babience Kids Body Lotion

Babience Kids Hair & Body Wash - 2
Babience Kids Hair & Body Wash - 1

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