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WHY Work from Home


The freedom to make your own hours, work where you want, and have more time for family and friends, while making a good income: Those are just a few of the benefits more and more people are choosing with the more flexible lifestyle of working from home.

A 2016 survey of 15,000 Americans showed that 43 percent of this sample had worked remotely, which was a 4 percent point increase in comparison with statistics collected in 2012. This shift is undeniably the result of an increasing number of people looking for work that allows flexibility.

Here we’ll take a comprehensive look at the various factors associated with working from home, examine the benefits of virtual work and provide some advice on succeeding—and thriving—in the rapidly emerging work-from-home culture of modern business.

Common Terminology

Several terms are used when people are talking about working from home.

  1. – connotes working away from the traditional workplace.
  2. – work is done online without having to be in the office.
  3. – tasks are done in a virtual environment.
  4. – sites that allow the selling of goods or renting of assets.
  5. – an individual who works on his or her own besides lacking a continuing commitment to one company.
  6. – a person or entity who avails goods or services under agreed-upon terms, such as Avon Independent Sales Representatives.

A closer look at the Work-from-Home model

As the work-from-home model has gained traction around the world, it’s increasingly being classified as the future of worker-company relationships.

The benefits of working from home for individuals and businesses

As anyone who has experience with remote work will know, the benefits are numerous:

  1. Many individuals who work remotely report that their productivity increases, particularly because they are in control of their own workspace. For example, those who struggle to work in a loud office environment may be able to find a quiet spot in their home or at a local coffee shop or restaurant with fewer distractions.
  2. . This is especially evident among workers with childcare responsibilities, as having greater flexibility to work from their houses makes it easier to spend time with their children and manage their schedules better.
  3. Work/Life Balance. An additional benefit of working remotely is the ability for individuals to strike a good work-life balance. When individuals work remotely, they typically find it easier to make time to manage medical appointments or other commitments, which may be challenging if they worked in an office. This doesn’t just benefit workers, though: freed from their 9-to-5 schedules, individuals are now more inclined to work more flexible hours.

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