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  • Starting today, you may join AVON no-cost sign up ($0) — or do even more: Join for $0 and support a great cause with a $5 or more contribution to the American Cancer Society’s breast cancer programs. Or choose our All the Bestsellers Starter Kit for $30 packed with full-size. Add the link below to your address bar and you are on your way to becoming an enterptreuer andd startting a boss life.


Empowering Women. At Avon, beauty is the journey, empowerment is the destination. And selling Avon as an independent Representative and leadership is an opportunity to achieve financial independence and attain that empowerment.

When you work for others, they determine your salary, your hours and many times your career path.  When you have your own business with Avon, there’s no limit on your financial and personal success.

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My goal is to learn how to use Word press and write blogs that provide valuable information attracting customers and recruiting Avon customers.

Currently I am in the process of trying to do a fundraiser on line instead of the door to door process. I believe this is the future of fundraisers no more door to door.


Hi there!

How would you feel about enjoying debt-free holidays this year??

Avon can be the answer!!

I am writing to invite you to get started, just in time to earn the extra money you need this holiday season, while also saving 40% on many of your own holiday purchases!!

Perks of being an Avon Representative:No required minimum orders.

NEW Flexible Ordering Schedule
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No expensive inventories to stock.

Earn online or face-to-face.
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Earn up to 40% right from the start!

Tons of support!

Unlimited earnings potential!

Earn on every dollar of your personal sales!
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Amazing new products, which your customers will love!

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Getting Started is So Simple!

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Please reach out to me if you have any questions!
I’d love to tell you more!_____________
Avon Independent Sales RepresentativeAs a new representative,
you could be enjoying a40% discount on these items,
while earning 40% on your sales to others!!


Wanna make some extra money? Wanna have the opportunity to get ahead and stay ahead? Wanna take that family vacation you have always been planning? Do you wanna do some things around the house, get a new car, or just start living your best life? Then you should consider selling AVON to help make your dreams a reality.  AVON is one of the oldest most trusted Women’s Cosmetic Company around and they would love for you to become part of the AVON team.  Over the years AVON’s product line has grown and it has products now for your home and garden as well as products for the entire family.

So why choose AVON?  Many people have opted to start selling AVON as a second income because the benefits of selling are so far reaching.  Getting started is so easy.  Your starter kit is only $25 and it comes with everything you need to start your AVON career with a bang.  Once your kit arrives you can start to share your brochures and you can encourage people to shop at your personal online AVON store.  Keep in mind that you can earn up to 40% on sales, online and face to face.

Each campaign you will have the opportunity to order and sample new products at a reduced rate based on your selling classifications.  Most people have thought that AVON is door to door selling, but as the times have changed AVON has grown to depend more and more on selling products using technology.  Online stores, product discussion boards, and instant access to popular products has made AVON more popular than ever.  A new form of selling comes through online AVON parties.  This is a great way to sale your products and allow your hostess to earn free AVON based on the overall sales of the party.  That’s right you don’t even have to leave the privacy of your own home to earn money and provide quality products to your customers.  AVON has upped the game in online shopping, and your personal site can spotlight ‘How-To’ videos, host online parties, display product testimonials, and provide you as the AVON representative important information regarding your sales overall and by campaign.

IF you decide to join my AVON team, I will serve as your personal mentor.  I have been selling AVON for more than 20 years and I can help you make this a very profitable venture.  When signing up, please make sure to add my referral code, ‘beautysaywhat’, so AVON will attach you to me and I can be available to answer questions, provide encouragement, and guide you through this process.  What are you waiting on?  All your dreams can come true with a new AVON career.  Right now go to and click on ‘BECOME A REPRESENATIVE’.  Complete the form, select your starter pack and make note of your account number and your district number and you are ready to start earning.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.  I can be reached by email or find me on Facebook at My AVON Storefront: Essence of Beauty. Once you become a representative, I will add you to my private AVON representative group, ‘TEAM BEAUTY SAY WHAT’ and you can dialogue and learn from others who are also developing their AVON career.  #ENTREPENEUR, #WAHM, #BUSINESS OWNER, #AVON BEAUTY BOSS, #EXTRA MONEY